Manx Food Specialities

Manx food specialities

Artisan food on the Isle of Man is on the up and up! There’s lots  of wonderful and natural tastes to seek out, some old and some new…

Food & Drink Experiences

In the fishing hotspot of Peel, you can tour a working factory that has been curing Manx kippers for over 100 years. Smoked kippers are famously featured in a Manx breakfast.

Cook with exceptional Manx produce at the Island’s bespoke cookery school or find out about our foodie roots by taking a guided farm tour while experiencing the stunning natural landscape of our countryside. You can also pick up some fresh local produce and beverages at regular Farmer’s Markets and Food Assemblies taking place on the Island.

Afternoon Tea

With the idyllic Manx countryside, extensive coastline and beautiful bays, the Isle of Man is a wonderful place to enjoy afternoon tea with your family, friends, or partner.

Here you can treat yourself to the most traditional of English rituals in one of the many cafés, hotels, and restaurants that offer afternoon tea.

If you’re not blessed with good weather during your visit, stopping for afternoon tea is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. It lets you experience some of the Island’s exquisite local produce and dry off before your next adventure.

Local Produce

You’re sure to find something to awaken your senses and tempt your taste buds. The Isle of Man prides itself on the quality and variety of its locally produced food and drink – from freshly caught seafood to succulent meat and specially brewed beers and spirits.

A visit to the Island is the perfect opportunity to see what our local producers, farmers and fishermen do best. From handcrafted delicious, natural drinks  using Manx ingredients at Apple Orphanage, to fresh Manx seafood at Weatherglass corner in Peel  you’ll be suitably spoilt for choice.

Or how about Manx Queen Scallops – Queenies as they are more commonly known – which are sustainably sourced from Manx waters?

For meat eaters, you’ll find a large selection to choose from on the Island, including the rich and tasty Loaghtan Lamb – which comes from an unusual horned sheep which is believed to have been brought to the Isle of Man by the Vikings.

And for those visitors with a sweet tooth, Peel is the home to the Islands only ice cream factory, making and selling the best ice cream with authentic recipes from Manx milk and ingredients. You’ll find their ice cream all around the island widely available. There are often some new and unusual flavours to try, and there are vegan and special diet options too.

The Isle of Man Farmers’ Markets offer the perfect chance to find out where the Island’s fantastic local produce comes from.
Farmers’ Markets have been in existence in the Isle of Man for hundreds of years – operating as a way for local farmers and producers to sell their wares within the local community. Fast-forward to the present day and the markets operate in much the same way by bringing together a collective of local people who are passionate about growing, making and selling Manx food and drink.

You’ll find Farmers’ Markets at many of the big events that take place throughout the year and there are some that run regularly.